Friday, December 18, 2009

chemistry between us

there is a strong bond between us
ionic bond
i am cation,F2+
and u are anion A-
i give love and u accept
a strong electrostatic force is created
that are love,respect and care
to produce ionic bond
a relationship based of love
which has the molecular formula
we can stand a third person
in our relationship
as ionic bond has a
high melting and boiling point
when there is a chance
we can make each other success
ionic bond can conduct electricity
in a molten or aqueous state
we are firm and loyal to each other
just like the ionic bond
that is non volatile
we are not deceive by other people
so do ionic bond
that do not dissolve in organic solvent
so let hope that
our bond
cannot be destroyed by time

p/s:just feeling to write this..don't really know why..huhu

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