Monday, August 17, 2009

faithful dancer

the box was opened
lovely rhythm enter the ear
she starts doing her duty
dancing gracefully
with a motion
her smiling face full of tears
it is her fate
for her entire life
loyal to the music
faithful with the cadence
being there for only one purpose
to rejoice her owner
even the sun is replaced by moon
summer is coming after spring
autumn is look forward for winter
but she still dance
and dance again
until the rhythm stop
she appear to be stiff
music is her soul
without it
she is only
inanimate stiff figure

3 respon:

Niji said...

best sajak ni..
rasa nak jugak ada kotak musik~

patungcendana said...

Tq dik. datang la lagi ke blog saya. selamat berpuasa. :-)

fatin arina said...

biasa je
tapi kotak musik mmg somel

patung cendana:mestilah sye akan pergi lagi