Saturday, August 8, 2009

you,her and me

she calls me last night
said that she used to be your baby
i want to trust her
but your eyes prevent me to do so
i feel bitter here
in the way where air is inhaling into my body
i give you another question
your silent is a poison for me
you give me that look
the look that drunk me into your heart
the look that accompany me every night
the look that said i am your angel
how can i trust her
but your voices and her's keep playing in my mind
"why should i lie?what will i get from lying?"
both of you say the same word
which tongue should i trust
whether it is your sympathetic melody
or her sweet poisonous harmony
this situation pull into madness
drag me toward the hell
but you know
whatever happen to me
you always be the winner
and now
i still here
holding the hand that
had loss it warm
because it had be sharing
with me and her

3 respon:

Niji said...

betul2 menggambarkan dilema antara 3 orang.
btw fatin, i think u should trust urself.

QiSt said...

jiwo eh dy

fatin arina said...

saje je buat
bila boring menguasai
macam2 boleh terjadi
mestilah sye percaya kat diri sye