Friday, September 18, 2009

bride in a coffin

she stares at the mirror
sad,pale and unhappy face appear
a beautiful white gown
is like a condemnation for her

her fingers run through the glass
recall back her father words
"u will leave this castle
for a marriage"

the merry environment outside
make her heart grows bitter
the door suddenly open
the time has come for her

walking weakly beside her father
all eyes stare at her enthusiastic
if they would ever know
this church is a hell for her

vows uttered by the priest
force her tears to run
her voice sound in the pharynx
hoarsely say "i do"

it happens too sudden
the bride collapse to the ground
all the guests staring to each other
wondering what is happenning

"i will leave my castle
for a coffin"
she gives a smile
and closes her watery eyes

p/s:tak tahu la kenapa..bangun tidur dapat idea ni..huhu

3 respon:

nuraimyasmin said...

u did dis?
whoa... thumbs up.

Niji said...

gile best!
mmg sy ngaku best gile sajak ni!
fatin, boleh x benarkan sy publish poem ni kat quizilla? sy ader akaun kat sane..
nk kongsi akaun x?
email sy nnt, sy bg id ngan pass.
wat masuk blako la poem2 hok awk penah buat..
cam faithful dancer..
hok melayu pon sy bleh translatekan..
sy akan betulkan grammar sajak2 awk
wat cam wright brothers!


fatin arina said...

nuraimyasmin:huhu..idea org tgah emo

niji:wah so glad to hear!
xdop la bez sgt..idea org tgah