Monday, September 28, 2009

secret behind the violin

she hears it again
same music like before
her heart stop beating
forcing her leg to run

she arrives at the place
peeping through the window
dark and dust room
no creatures would be in there

she closes her eyes
the soft harmony enter the ears
she is not here anymore
her soul has been cradle by the sound

though she never know
who is standing inside the dark
playing the wonderful sound
but it still a precious moment for her

wonder that the hand holds the violin
the same finger touching smoothly
can be asked for
being a prince in her heart?

she stands there calmly
enjoys all the ryhthm
the wind dance gracefully
also admit the power of the sound

he playing heartfully
knowing someone is enjoying the music
makes he plays a delightful melody
to appreciate the listener

the shadow appears stiff
wish he can see the angel
that has a pure virgin heart
which knows the value of art

nothing in this world
is valuable than violin
hope that he can share it
with the one who stand outside

the harmony still flowing
carry the two heart away
if they would ever know
about the secret

the secret of the violin
the secret of two soul
hoping for each other
to be by their side

but the secret is still there
carry by the violin
with the beautiful rhythm
flying to the heaven

2 respon:

Niji said...

hihi.. romantik betul.. macam kisah cinta yg dianggap bertepuk seblah tangan, tp sebaliknya.

fatin arina said...

saja nak wat mcm
cinta x kesampaian
walaupun suka sama suka